Accepting a grant award


The principal investigator (PI) is usually notified of an award directly from the funder, however, different funders provide notifications in different ways.

  • When you receive notification you should check that your departmental research support hub have also been informed of the decision.
  • Notify the Pricing Team via the Awards Notification Form on the Costing and Awards Tool. Please attach the award letters and any other documents for the award (including the application form if the Pricing Team don't already have it)
  • Some funders will require the award to be accepted formally, through an online system (e.g. J-eS, Flexigrant).
  • For Research Council awards, the Pricing Team will be notified of the award success at the same time as the PI. The award letter will be available for the Pricing Team to download on J-eS a few weeks later. The Pricing Team will review the award letter and send it on to the PI and the research support hub. If you can confirm to us that you are happy for us to accept the award and give us an estimated start date (within the window that J-eS has provided), we are then able to formally accept the award.
  • Some funders operate a similar online process to Research Councils (e.g. Royal Society, British Academy), with slight differences.

Award preparation and acceptance

Each funder has its own process for setting up awards. All awards are signed by Research Services on behalf of the University. We will manage this part of the process and keep you informed of developments. We will:

  • Check the award for collaborators and ensure that any necessary agreements are put in place as appropriate.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the award.
  • Check the award value against the application to ensure that the budget is sufficient.
  • Confirm the award with the funder and keep the PI updated with any correspondence.

You can track the progress of your award via the 'status' page on the Costing & Awards Tool record.


  • Once the budget and terms of the award are agreed, we will hand the project over to Research Finance for an account to be set-up.
  • They will send the PI an internal award letter to formally notify them of the account number and any other important information that they need to be aware of in terms of the accounting procedure for the grant. Queries relating to the account set up should be directed to the relevant faculty Research Finance team:
  • Any e-recruitment forms can now be completed and the recruitment process can begin. Contact your HR Faculty representative with any recruitment queries. 
  • The University is required to adhere strictly to the terms of the application/award in order to secure/maintain the funding. In the majority of cases this is particularly relevant to issues of confidentiality, publicity and publication, and it is essential that you and your research team are familiar with the terms and conditions of your application/award. Please don't hesitate to contact the Contracts team ( should you require any advice/guidance regarding contractual obligations relating to your funding.

Please note that associated contracts, such as a collaboration agreement, may still be in negotiation. You can track the progress of contracts in negotiation by using the 'View my existing requests' feature in the Agreements Tool on MUSE or via the 'status' page on the Costing & Awards Tool.

Track your contract