IP Development and Commercialisation Fund (IPDaC) launched

The University is delighted to announce the launch of the IP Development and Commercialisation Fund (IPDaC), with an allocation of £1million each year for an initial period of three years.

The Fund is an excellent opportunity to expand the volume and type of commercialisation projects that the University supports. This will enable the development and use of Intellectual Property (IP) in the broadest sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to apply for Funds? All academics working at the University of Sheffield are welcome to apply. We are keen to ensure that all Faculties are provided with commercialisation support.
  • Which projects are eligible for support? The Fund will help us to expand the range of work supported by the University. The focus is on projects that can demonstrate the potential of a financial return on investment made by the Fund. 
  • Who will approve bids to the Fund? The Investment Review Panel will assess all significant funding requests. The Panel includes University representatives from Finance and Research Services, plus independent expert members.
  • What is the process of applying to the Fund? If you think that your work might have commercial potential, or you are interested in discussing the wider applications of your project, please contact Impact & IP team.

Who to contact

If you have any queries about fund then please contact the Impact & IP team. Once an approach has been agreed, then you will be supported to develop a bid for the next Investment Review Panel meeting (IRP).

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