Contacts for postgraduate research students

Postgraduate research student progression, examination and award

Description Name Email Phone
The Research Degree Support Team provides guidance and support with all aspects of University regulations and policies concerning doctoral students, such as making changes to your student status and thesis submission and examination.
Team 1: Engineering, MDH & Science

Laura Wills 0114 22 21412
Laura Stanley 0114 22 21426
Michael Cordwell 0114 22 24012
Team 2: A&H, Social Sciences Davy Heymann 0114 22 21427
Helen Papaioannou 0114 22 26087
Thesis management and reception Tom Sissons 0114 22 21425

Doctoral Development Programme

Description Name Email Phone
Fozia provides support for students on all aspects of the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP). Fozia Yasmin 0114 22 21403


Description Name Email Phone
Catherine provides guidance and support on University and Research Council-funded scholarships for both current and potential students. Catherine Wynn 0114 22 21417

Think Ahead

Think Ahead is a framework for the continuous professional development of researchers at the University of Sheffield, supporting individual career ambitions in and beyond academia.

Role Description Name Email Phone
Researcher Development Team Leader Bryony leads the Researcher Development Team to achieve their mission and is responsible for defining and delivering on its strategic direction. Bryony Portsmouth 0114 22 20990
Mentoring Consultant Kay links people together to talk about the things that matter to them. She designs mentoring and coaching programmes, partnering people at all career stages with mentors. Dr Kay Guccione 0114 22 21468
Researcher Development Managers Based within faculties, they drive a wide range of learning and development activities that contribute to the 'Think Ahead' framework of development. A&H and Social Sciences: Sarah Bell 0114 22 20171
Engineering: Eunice Lawton 0114 22 22164
MDH: Dr Lucy Lee 0114 22 28728
Science: Dr Sandrine Soubes 0114 22 24220
Careers Advisers Darcey and Rachael ensure that researchers have access to the support they need to make a successful transition to the next stage of their career. They provide individual careers consultations, run workshops, and engage with employers to support researchers in their career journey. Darcey Gillie 0114 22 20921
Rachael Roberts 0114 22 20914
Support Officers Helen and Keira coordinate evaluation activity, administer development events, utilise technology to market development activity and ensure connectivity across the team. Helen Cowen 0114 22 27438
Keira Borrill 0114 22 24194

Research integrity and ethics

Advice and guidance to researchers on good research and innovation practices and research ethics, including applying for ethics approval, the online Ethics Application System, and healthcare research governance.

Role Description Name Email Phone
Ethics and Integrity Officer Lindsay is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to good research practice, including what constitutes unacceptable practice. Lindsay Unwin 0114 22 21443
Ethics and Integrity Assistant Anita is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to research ethics, ethics approval, and healthcare research governance. Anita Kenny 0114 22 21400

Other Professional Services

A number of other professional service departments provide services and support for PGR students: