Please note that the Pricing Team requires three working days to approve a costing

STEP 1. Department/Academic/Hub

A Costing & Awards Tool (C&AT) record (available via myResearch on MUSE) is set up by the Department/Academic/Research Hub. The six digit reference number should be used on all correspondence relating to the project.

Useful information:

Department/Academic/Hub finalises the costs and presses submit on the C&AT—an email is sent to the approvers listed in the Sharing page of the Costing & Awards Tool.

C&AT status: NEW

STEP 2. Head of Department (or delegated approver)

An email alert is received by the approver pool (a list of approvers is shown on the Sharing page of the C&AT record). The approver checks key details of the costing (a list is available in the Departmental Approval page of the C&AT) and presses approve on the C&AT.

C&AT status: PENDING

STEP 3. Pricing Team

A notification of the project awaiting approval is received by the Pricing Team via a report which is reviewed regularly throughout each working day.

C&AT status: PENDING

STEP 4. Pricing Team

The C&AT record is checked by the Pricing Team against key criteria. Queries may be raised with the department/academic/hub. Once checked, Pricing Team approve the costing and an email is sent from C&AT to the department/academic/hub which includes the costing report with the approved figures to use in the application.