Doctoral Development Programme

The Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) is a flexible, on-going training plan that is an integral part of your research degree and can be tailored to your individual needs. It helps you progress through your research studies by identifying the skills and experience that you already have and providing opportunities to enhance your existing skills and to acquire new skills and experience. This training may be provided through attending modules offered within your Department or elsewhere in the University. But the DDP is not only about formal courses and classes. Your developmental needs may also be about gaining different forms of experience such as participating in research events, networking, or focusing on particular aspects of presentation and study skills. At the end of your period of study, you should have acquired transferrable skills that will not only make you a successful researcher but also extend your options for employment more broadly.

Your supervisor will help you decide what research training is most appropriate, both at the start of your degree and as you progress, using tools such as the Training Needs Analysis Form (TNA) and Development Plan. The DDP is compulsory for all research students including part-time and off-campus students. 

New doctoral researcher

We are delighted to welcome you to The University of Sheffield's Doctoral Development Programme. As a doctoral student you are required to engage with this programme.

Continuing doctoral researcher

We encourage you to think actively about your development needs: it is vital to revisit your TNA and agree your new training needs with your supervisory team.

I'm a supervisor

It is acknowledged that a significant proportion of student learning and development is via a close working relationship between the student and his or her supervisory team.