Research Staff Associations - professional networks for staff employed on research contracts

Joining a research staff group, association or society is a good way of sharing your experiences with your colleagues, keeping up to date with news and finding out about research opportunities.

Within the University

University-wide research staff society

We now have a 'TUoSRSA' Google group for ongoing communication between research staff.  The society meets face to face twice a year. Use this auto-link or email direct to get involved.

Faculty of Engineering

The Engineering Researcher Society (ERS) is a mutual body providing a VOICE for all early career researchers, including postdoctoral and contract research staff, across all departments within the Faculty of Engineering; providing Development Opportunities and also promoting a COMMUNITY for networking and socialising.

Please visit the ERS website for further information

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

The MDH RSA is the Research Staff Association for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health. This society is for Post-Docs, contract research staff and for anybody interested in issues relating to Research Staff. The aims of the Association are to analyse career development needs and ways of improving career development for early career researchers, to develop meaningful links with the leaders of the Faculty and to improve communication, collaboration and social interaction between researchers.

Please visit the MDH RSA website for further information.

Faculty of Science

Societies have been established within the scientific departments with the aims of aiding the development and training of postdoctoral research staff, giving research staff a voice within their departments and the Faculty and keeping the community informed of issues that may affect them. Each departmental society also provides a social and networking function, to encourage research collaboration.

For further information please visit the Faculty website.

Use the calendar below to find out what activities are going on across the University.

Beyond Sheffield

The Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers 2016 - Cast your vote


UK Research Staff Association

The UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA) was established in 2010 to provide a collective voice for researchers at institutions across the UK. The Association works closely with Vitae to nurture research staff associations and inform policy. All UK research staff are welcome to participate by interacting online, contributing to activities or becoming a leader.

Visit the UK Research Staff Association website to find out more or visit the UKRSA Facebook page.


ICoRSA is the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations, the mission of which is, "providing a global voice for research staff and postdoctoral scholars."

You can find out more on the ICoRSA website - LINK