Wordle image describing teaching

Teaching - what is it and is it for me?

As the wordle on the left shows, 'teaching' is not just about lecturing in front of a large group of students.  It requires a variety of skills and occurs in many different ways, in a range of situations.  Teaching will help you to develop yourself whilst enabling the learning of others.

Elevate learning & teaching academy

Elevate is the University of Sheffield’s Learning and Teaching Academy. Elevate supports staff from across the University to develop their teaching practice and support learning.

No matter where you are in your teaching journey, Elevate will help you to continually develop - more here: LINK

Engaging in formal development opportunities that enhance your teaching can lead to professional recognition by the HEA.

Read the University's major themes for Learning & Teaching 2016-2021 here.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) at TUoS

Did you know there are a group of learning technonlgy enthusiasts and experts at TUoS who can help you devleop your TEL skills?
Find out more at the TEL blogspot - LINK and by watching this latest video about TELfest.

Careers Service Information Resources

Comprehensive information relating to careers in all education sectors can be found here.