Professional Skills for Research Leaders

Researchers are very diverse, with different qualifications, disciplinary bases and areas of expertise. Some work in laboratories, in teams, on collaborative projects, whilst others work alone. This diversity can sometimes lead people to focus on the differences, yet a common concern for many researchers lies in developing the skills, profile and momentum to become an independent researcher and then a research leader.

Leadership skills are utterly transferable - in parallel, there are a wealth of careers beyond academia that will see those with leadership capability flourish.

So, wherever your are in your career journey the question is, “how do you move from where you are now to where you want to be, with the maximum gain for the effort you invest?

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Epigeum online

In order to complement the 'in person' opportunities for development available through the Think Ahead framework, there is now an online learning resource available to enable further exploration and development of leadership skills.  This is accessible through MOLE within the Professional Skills for Research Leaders organisation.  Please open this pdf to be guided through enrolment.

Please note this performs best when used on a desktop PC (it uses Flash, so will not work on some mobile devices).

As in the image, the resource has six courses.  Work through the various sections as a whole or dip in and out of the bits that meet your needs.  Each module encourages you to keep a learning log of your thoughts and each section has a multiple choice summary review, to enable you to consolidate your learning and thinking.

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