Researchwell logo and strapline, 'Be well. Research well.'

In June 2016, the Researcher Professional Development team worked with colleagues across the University to lead a week of activities focused on promoting wellbeing in research.  This website is a legacy from that event and is a hub of information and resources about researching well.

Researcher Wellbeing Week returns on the 18th June 2018.

Previously, people have joined us for activities such as an introduction to Mindfulness, lunchtime board games and papercraft.

More information can be found on our events page.

Why is wellbeing in research important to us (and other colleagues)?

"We’re very privileged to be able to work with researchers as they progress through their PhD, start a new research contract or take the next step in their career. We see their successes and their achievements – and it’s brilliant!

Inevitably, though, we also see the other side: researchers who are struggling or stressed-out. Because – spoiler alert – academia is hard! It’s enough of a challenge when everything’s plain-sailing in the rest of your life but, when a perfect storm of work and other life stresses come at once, it can feel overwhelming."

(Sarah Bell in a post on the Think Ahead blog).

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