PhD by Publication

The 'by publication' route is offered only to staff, as an alternative to the standard PhD or MD route. It is designed to enable recognition of the research activities of those members of staff who have published work but have not completed a PhD or MD.

More information about PhD by Publication can be found on the Research Services webpages here.

A note on the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) requirements for PhD by Publication:

All PhD by Publication candidates must engage with the DDP. However, as the programme is completed within a year and is undertaken by those with research experience, the expectations regarding the DDP will be less than those on standard PGR programmes. A Training Needs Analysis should be carried out at the beginning of the PhD by Publication programme. This should be viewed as an opportunity to identify potential training or support that might be beneficial for the candidate to undertake over the course of the year. A PhD by Publication candidate may not have any significant training needs but they may for example find it helpful to attend a session on copyright, to brush up on their statistics, or attend a viva survivor workshop. 

All training undertaken should then be recorded as evidence of engagement with the DDP.

The TNA and Evidencing the DDP are recorded on PebblePad. For guidance on this, please refer to the section of the ScHARR PGR Handbook that deals with DDP and TNA. Contact the ScHARR PGR Administrator ( for further assistance.

In order for the PhD by Publication degree to be awarded, it is essential that candidates complete the Research Ethics and Integrity module. Candidates can either complete the Medicine, Dentistry and Health Faculty module, or the online Epigeum course. More information can be found here.