Full-time students are required to attend throughout the whole of each semester. In the same spirit, students on online programmes are expected to fully participate in the activities associated with their programme.

Student attendance (campus based programmes)

Full-time postgraduate taught students are expected to attend every timetabled class throughout the whole of each semester. This includes virtual or face-to-face sessions, lectures, tutorials, and/or group work meetings. Regular attendance at your classes provides valuable opportunities to ask questions and learn from the wider group and underpins the successful completion of your degree.

The School is required to monitor your attendance throughout your studies for the following reasons:

  • Ensure you are engaging with your course
  • Identify where you are struggling
  • Ensure you have access to the right support

In ScHARR the primary way we monitor attendance is through class registers and submission of coursework (both assessed and non-assessed). We may also take into account other contact with the School, for example meetings with tutors and attendance at optional sessions.

Please note that to complete the class registers you will need access to a device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop) through which you can login to Blackboard at the start of each timetabled session. The register form will close 15 minutes after the session has ended.

Student attendance (distance learning programmes)

Whilst students on online programmes do not have timetabled teaching sessions, you are still expected to fully participate in the activities associated with your programme, for similar reasons to those given above. For information on the time commitment for online learning please click here.

The School monitors online students’ engagement through Blackboard login data, with the recommendation that you access each module page at least once per week. As with the campus based programmes, we also monitor coursework submissions.

Absence reporting

If you are unable to attend a taught session you should always try to inform the person leading the session in advance, if possible.

For a period of absence of less than 7 days please email your Course Administrator and the Module Leader to let them know which sessions you will miss and when you expect to return.

For a period of absence of more than 7 days, or that may affect your ability to complete assessed work, you should follow the Extenuating Circumstances procedure and submit an extenuating circumstances form to the Teaching Support Unit via your Course Administrator.

The extenuating circumstances form can be used to report both medical and/or other personal circumstances, for example:

  • Medical circumstances, e.g. sickness, injury, surgery/hospitalisation
  • Personal/family problems;
  • Difficult events, e.g. bereavement
  • Serious incidents/emergencies, e.g. being affected by crime

If you are likely to be absent for longer periods of time (for example if an illness or medical condition is expected to last for several weeks or months), you are strongly advised to apply for a leave of absence.

Please note: if your absence is related to Covid-19 (whether you have received a positive test, been identified as a contact, are unable to travel due to restrictions etc) you must inform your Course Administrator, even if you intend/are able to attend remotely, as we are required to keep a record of all Covid related absences.

Information on the University’s policy on student attendance monitoring can be found here.