Student feedback

We appreciate the contribution that students can make to improving our learning and teaching provision and encourage students to be involved as much as possible. You are always welcome to discuss any aspect of your experience with staff and there are a range of ways of providing formal feedback.

Module and programme evaluations

These take place at the end of your modules and course and give you the opportunity to provide general and specific feedback about your experience. Some modules do offer a mid-term review in addition to the end of module evaluations.

Academic reps

The academic rep's role is to provide feedback to the department on any aspect of your course. They also provide a useful contact point for staff in communicating with students.

Academic reps sit on the Student/Staff Committee.

Visit the Academic Representation hub for more information about becoming a rep.

Student/Staff Committee

Our Student/Staff Committee meets once a semester. The committee is made up of key members of staff and the academic reps and gives you the opportunity to feedback to staff in ScHARR and discuss teaching and learning issues.

Responding to your feedback

Your feedback is very useful to us and can lead to changes both during the year and for future cohorts of students. Sometimes we are not able to make the changes you request but we will try to explain why this. We outline actions taken as a result of student feedback on our website.

Student Experience Officer

The Student Experience Officer, Dr Robert Akapribo, is responsible for facilitating student input into all aspects of ScHARR. This involves supporting the academic representatives, organising and facilitating the ScHARR Student/Staff Committees, and working with the TSU, programme leaders, module co-ordinators and personal tutors to ensure student feedback is collected and acted upon.

ScHARR Learning and Teaching Excellence Awards

We value student feedback to help us recognise excellence in staff who teach you. Each year the Dean of ScHARR invites ScHARR students to submit a nomination for a member of ScHARR staff to be considered for a ScHARR Teaching and Learning Excellence Award or a ScHARR Learning Support Excellence award. This is an opportunity to recognise excellence in the classroom and in learning support. These awards are given in recognition of continued excellence and inspiration in teaching and learning and/or learner support in ScHARR. You will be emailed towards the end of the year with further details about the awards and how to nominate member of staff.