Module Information

University Guidelines on Module Choice

New students make their module choices during Intro Week. Continuing students make their module choices towards the end of the academic year via the on-line system. Module choice is made in accordance with the SEAS Programme Regulations. The Senior Tutor makes the final approval on module choices; not all choices are possible.

Modules offered in SEAS

Not all SEAS modules run every year. It is important to check the most recent list when making your module choices. All module choices are subject to electronic application and approval through ‘My Record’.

A complete list of SEAS modules, including language modules, can be found here.

According to regulation 17 of the General Regulations for First Degrees, students may only register for Level 1 modules at Levels 2 and 3 with special permission. This includes modules from the Institute for Lifelong Learning (modules that begin with an ACE code).

In SEAS, University procedures are modified as follows:

  • With the exception of language modules, level 1 modules may NOT be taken at level 2 or 3.
  • With the exception of language modules, level 2 modules may NOT be taken at level 3.

Semester 1

Level 1

Code Title Credits
EAS129 Gender in East Asia 20
EAS134 Japanese Literature 10
EAS137 Japanese Politics 10
EAS139 Languages and Writing Systems in East Asia 20
EAS160 Modern Chinese History 10
EAS168 Chinese Culture and Society 10

Level 2

Code Title Credits
EAS205 Contemporary Japanese Society 20
EAS236 Post-war Japanese Politics 20
EAS247 Contemporary Chinese Business and Management 20
EAS248 Cities and Urbanisation in China 20
EAS254 Understanding Contemporary North Korea 20

Level 3

Code Title Credits
EAS345 The Contemporary Japanese Novel 20
EAS353 Contemporary Chinese Society 20
EAS359 Work and Society in Japan 20
EAS365 Two Koreas and Their Neighbours 20
EAS370 China's Rise: Domestic Transformation, Global Expansion 20
EAS371 Korean Cinema 20

Semester 2

Level 1

Code Title Credits
EAS103 The History of Korea 20
EAS110 East Asian Cinema 20

Chinese Economic Developement

EAS135 Contemporary Chinese Politics 10
EAS138 Japanese History 10
EAS142 Environment and Society in East Asia 20
EAS144 Japan's Economy and Management 10

Level 2

Code Title Credits
EAS206 Contemporary Korean Society 20
EAS223 China 1914-78: Revolution and Modernity 20
EAS232 Evolution of the Japanese Language 20
EAS242 International Relations in East Asia 20
EAS243 East Asian Popular Culture 20
EAS250 Modern Japanese History 20

Level 3

Code Tile Credits
EAS321 Japan in the World 20
EAS329 Population and Environment in China 20
EAS356 War and Peace in East Asia 20
EAS364 Japanese Popular Culture 20
EAS369 Contemporary Issues in East Asia 20
EAS377 Law and Business in China 20

Details relating to module add/drop can be found here.