Appeals and Complaints

The University has a comprehensive set of procedures for making complaints, whether about the delivery and quality of services or about academic issues. There are separate regulations for academic appeals. Complaints and appeals procedures can be found in the University of Sheffield Student Handbook. A clear outline of the range of procedures together with all the necessary forms can also be found here.

Regulation 2.13 of the Examination Conventions states that: Notification of medical or personal circumstances, including assessments of dyslexia, which have not been submitted within any specified departmental deadline will not normally be considered by the meeting of departmental examiners and will need to become the subject of an appeal under the Academic Appeals Regulations following publication of examination results to students.

The SEAS departmental deadline is the end of the relevant semester.

What this means is that if you submit medical evidence or other evidence of extenuating circumstances after the deadline, it will not be taken into account unless you go through the appeals procedure. See Examinations and Illness and Serious Illness/Extenuating Circumstances: Not Assessed for further information.