Changing degrees

If things are not going well with your course, you may consider changing your degree programme.

You should discuss your proposed course of action with your Personal Tutor. Please remember that your Personal Tutor is available to discuss in strict confidence any difficulties you may be having with your course. Your Personal Tutor may refer you to the Senior Tutor for further advice.

If you are hoping to change degrees then you should:

  1. Speak to your Personal Tutor
  2. Speak to the department whose degree you are hoping to join, to see whether the change is possible. If you are transferring to different degree within SEAS, you will need to discuss this with the Senior Tutor.
  3. If the change is agreed, you should complete a Change of Status Form
  4. Once you have completed the form, the Senior Tutor and your new department(s) (if applicable) will need to sign your form to approve the change.

Further advice can be found via the following websites

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