Out of hours working and card access

'Normal working hours' are defined as 0800 to 1800, Monday to Friday.

Outside these times (1800 to 0800 hours), including weekends and when the University is formally closed, you should:

  • Meet the requirements of the University of Sheffield Health and Safety Code of Practice.
  • Carry your staff Ucard at all times.
  • Deny access to others you do not know, or who do not have permission to access the building out of hours.
  • Report anyone acting suspiciously to the Security Control Room on 0114 222 4085 (ext 24085).

Before vacating the building you should:

  • Close windows.
  • Lock the internal doors you opened (if the room is not in use).
  • Leave the building by the main entrance only. Do not leave other exit doors open.

Card access

To improve security and prevent unauthorised access, several University buildings now have out of hours card access control systems in place. Access to these buildings will only be permitted to staff or students with activated Ucards.

If you require your Ucard to activate an access control system out of hours, contact your Head of Department in the first instance.

If you experience any problems operating an access control system during the out of hours period, contact the Security Control Room on 0114 222 4085 (ext 24085). Never allow others to use your Ucard.

Report activated Ucards which have been lost or stolen to the Security Control Room on 0114 222 4085 (ext 24085) immediately.

Arranging Arts Tower deliveries via Bolsover/Winter St

The security barriers into the Arts Tower car park provide safety and security for the area. If you have organised an ad-hoc delivery requiring access via the barriers at Bolsover Street/Winter Street, please complete this form:

Access for deliveries to the Arts Tower car park

Any driver presenting at the barrier without a swipe card or whose delivery has not been entered on the online system will not be able to gain access and will be required to park elsewhere and make their delivery on foot.

If drivers do not have an entry swipe card and deliveries are required on a regular basis, then the relevant department should liaise with the Helpdesk to request a barrier access card.