Developing Your Skills and Experience

There are many opportunities to develop your career as a member of professional staff at the University and we encourage you to take personal responsibility for your own growth and development. You can do this whilst remaining in your current role (eg. through informal internal placements, job swaps and work shadowing) or by exploring formal secondment opportunities. Further guidance on each is available in the download bar. 

For informal and formal development to help boost your career, consider attending a workshop or viewing resources online via Develop Manage Lead. More information and details of developmental opportunities can be found here.

Placements and Projects

Consider a placement or project to:

  • Resource a project for a specific period of time (on a full or part time basis) using skills and/or expertise from within the department, or the wider University.
  • Cover an immediate short term need (eg. sickness cover, vacancy gap, urgent business requirement).
  • Meet an individual development need, identified through SRDS, but with a clear business benefit.

Work Shadowing

Consider work shadowing to:

  • Gain practical experience or understanding of a specific role(s), support individual development; including the consideration of broader career opportunities.
  • Enable systems & process improvements: gaining different inputs and perspectives.
  • Build and improve working relationships and understanding across teams/departments.
  • Prepare for the transfer of skills or expertise to another area of the University.
  • As a first step to considering a potential job swap/secondment.


Fixed term and/or temporary roles can be considered as secondment opportunities. Follow this link for further information and advertised roles. Read about Jennie Steven's experience of a secondment here.

Job Swaps

Consider job swaps to enable two members of staff to exchange roles temporarily to their mutual benefit and that of the business.