Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the link to join my online Workshop or 1:1?

For Workshops, the link should be in the confirmation emails you received when you booked your Workshop.

For MASH 1:1 tutorials, the link should be in the confirmation emails you received when you booked your tutorial.

For Study Skills 1:1s, your tutor will email you the link shortly before your tutorial starts, no longer than 5 minutes after your session is due to begin. Please only contact us if you still have not received a link 5 or more minutes after your session has started.

Can I submit work before my tutorial for the tutor to look over?

Because we want to offer as many tutorial slots as possible, our tutors tend not to have time before tutorials to look over work. However, we've got a really great team of tutors who are skilled in being able to look at things quickly so that you can achieve your aims within the tutorial, even without sending the work over in advance! But if you'd find it helpful, you can bring a piece of marked work along with you to the tutorial, or something else you'd like to discuss. 

How can I get a 301 wall planner?

Pop into the 301 building - we have lots printed and would love to share them!

How do I contact other university services?

You can contact details for all University Support Services here:

Where can I access support for learning online?

You can find information and resources to support your online learning here:

What if Blackboard isn't working? I can only see a blank screen.

It seems as though Blackboard Collaborate doesn't work well with some browsers. If you are seeing a blank screen, try checking the URL in the browser's address field. If there is a "/" character at the end, delete this (and refresh the page). This should make it work. If not, please get in touch on the link below. 

After I've attended a Workshop, when will I receive the slides and the recording?

It can take a few hours for this to happen, so usually we'd expect you to receive the slides and recording within 1-2 days after attending the online Workshop. If you still haven't received them and it's been over a couple of days since you attended, please get in touch.  

The Workshop I want to attend is full / 

There are no 1:1 slots left /

The Workshop I want to attend isn't running this term

We understand it can be challenging if you can't access the service you want, when you want. Our tutor team can only provide a certain number of Workshops and tutorials each week, so it can be a good idea to plan ahead to avoid disappointment. Book your workshops in advance, using upcoming assignments, deadlines, feedback or other academic events to help you decide what to book and when. You could also complete the Skills Audit at the start of every term to help you make a study plan, and check in with our Level Up Your Skills package for ideas of support tailored to the specific stage you are at with your studies. 

Not sure what would be helpful for you? Use the link at the bottom of the FAQs to contact the 301 Reception team who can help you decide.

Our 1:1 slots are released two weeks in advance, so keep checking back at the pages to book a slot, or set a reminder on your phone/in your calendar to remind you when new slots will become available. 

Tried all this? Don't worry if you can't yet book what you want. We will re-run some workshops next term. In the meantime we have a great range of workshop recordings you can take a look at on our Kaltura channel and our Study Skills Online page is packed with info.

Our MASH team also have a great range of online resources - have a look at their homepage for further info.

You can also sign up for our two-weekly newsletter to stay ahead of 301 news and new releases!

Still struggling? Drop Reception an email using the contact details below. 

If you still can't find the answer you are looking for click here to contact us