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301 Academic Skills Centre provides opportunities for you to develop the essential academic and study skills which will underpin your learning at University.

We help all students in all years and on all courses with:

  • progressing with university-level study and becoming a successful independent learner;
  • advice on getting ahead with assessments;
  • support with planning, writing, and researching for assignments, dissertations and projects;
  • strengthening the numerical and statistical skills needed for studying and beyond;
  • understanding yourself as a learner and identifying what strategies and techniques are best for you.

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MySkills logoMySkills: Academic Skills

Academic Skills are a dimension of the Sheffield Graduate Attributes, the University of Sheffield's skills framework to support your continuous academic, personal and professional development. 301 Academic Skills Centre supports the three key areas of Academic Skills: Academic WritingNumeracy and Data and Study Skills.

301 also provides training opportunities that feed into other areas of the framework, including Research and Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Working with Others and Positive Wellbeing.

You can use the MySkills Portfolio to plan and record your progress as you gain experience and develop your skills. Find out more about MySkills here

Study Skills

301's Study Skills section focuses on the skills you need to get the most out of yourself in your independent study and assessment.

Study Skills Workshops

Study Skills Workshops cover a range of key areas including academic writing, assessment and personal effectiveness. Workshops take place weekdays either online or face-to-face at 301 and are facilitated by a specialist team of postgraduate student tutors

Study Skills 1:1 Tutorials

1:1 Study Skills Tutorials offer the opportunity to meet a tutor to discuss anything relating to your academic work. Offering greater depth than is possible in a workshop, 1:1s can provide some specific and tailored advice, strategies and ideas to try out.

Study Skills Online

Study Skills Online is our repository of resources to support all areas of your work. Please visit the pages and have an explore, try out our digital mini courses, download templates, watch videos and much more. 

Maths & Statistics (MASH)

Maths and Statistics Help (MASH) offers free mathematics and statistics support to enable you to perform well during your time in Sheffield.

MASH Workshops

MASH workshops cover core areas of maths and statistics relevant to your learning, from A-Level maths refresher sessions to in-depth courses on using software such as SPSS and R. 

MASH 1:1 Tutorials

We provide one-to-one advice sessions that will help you look at particular issues you may be encountering and consolidate your learning in mathematics and statistics.

MASH Online

Visit the Maths Online Resources and Statistics Online Resources to find lots of advice and guidance on common areas of maths and stats relevant to your course. 

Find out more by visiting the MASH webpages here.

Undergraduate Research Hub

The Undergraduate Research Hub highlights opportunities to take part in undergraduate research through 301, the University and beyond. These include SURE (Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience), which offers funded summer scholarships working in partnership with an academic on a dedicated piece of research.

We can also advise you how to showcase any research you do during your time at Sheffield through journals, awards, schemes and conferences.

Peer Learning

Peer Learning is an opportunity for students to come together in a relaxed environment to share knowledge and experiences. Your peers are a great source of information relevant to a module, a course, or to making the most of University life. If you are hoping to set up a study or discussion group with students at the same level, or with students at higher levels who have gained relevant experience, the Peer Learning team in 301 can offer advice, support and resources in making this happen.

Not Sure Where to Start? 

Visit 301's Level Up Your Skills pages to find a curated set of resources and opportunities tailored to your level of study. Each Level Up Your Skills Package provides a wide range of content that will take you through a semester of your course. Level Up Your Skills includes:

  • The 301 Skills Audit: an ideal place to start with an online skills self-assessment to identify your priority areas for development
  • Interactive online resources, screencasts, workshops and much more
  • The Academic Skills Certificate: an opportunity to gain recognition for your skills development by undertaking a short reflective exercise

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