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Students across the institution are using the Lecture Capture service to catch up on missed content as well as consolidating their knowledge and understanding, improving their study notes and also using the service for revision purposes.

On these pages you will find help guides for your studying with Lecture Capture, student feedback from past academic years as well as some student focused help guides we have created for students in relation to Lecture Capture.

Student Resources

How to Study with Encore

How to study with Encore lecture capture:

You can find additional information on this advice at:
Nordmann, E., Kuepper-Tezel, C.E., Robson, L., Phillipson, S., Lipan, G. and Mcgeorge, P. (2018). Lecture capture: Practical recommendations for students and lecturers. Pre-publication.


301 Lectures and Seminars 

What is Encore?

What is Encore?


Encore is the lecture capture solution used at the University of Sheffield. Encore is installed in over 120 teaching spaces across the University of Sheffield campus and captures over 30,000 lectures and seminars throughout an academic year here at the university.

Encore was introduced due to student demand for the system to aid their learning and revision that takes place throughout their academic career. Encore enables students across the university to revisit specific lectures and seminars that have happened to go over their notes, revise and ensure they have the right understanding of certain topics.

What does it mean for me?

Encore means you can revise and consolidate your notes more easily and seamlessly throughout your academic career. Encore captures the lectures and seminars you attend so you can revisit topics and explanations from your tutor easily to ensure you understand each topic you are learning.

Encore is a great tool for revision and studies show that students who use Encore to go back over their notes and revise are the students who achieve the highest marks in their degree subjects.

How do I use Encore for my studies?

Help Guides

The Encore team here at the University of Sheffield have created a number of help guides for students to ensure they can use the system easily and can gain the most from the recordings that have taken place. Below you will find a range of help guides, if there are any areas of the Encore system you would like more clarification on or would like a help guide created for please contact the IT Service Desk.

To access help and support video and written guides please click the link below. 

Student Video and Written Guides


FAQs for Students

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Encore system and service we receive from students. If the answer to your question is not found below, please contact the IT Service Desk.

What is Encore?

Encore is the lecture capture solution that the University of Sheffield it is installed into over 120 teaching spaces across the University of Sheffield campus for the benefit of the students studying on our campus.

What does Encore record?

Encore records the visual input that is shown through the projector in the room and the audio input from the microphones in the room.

What is the device light?

The device light is found in all Encore enabled rooms to indicate to the user what state the system is in. Below is a table to explain what each colour of the device light means

Encore Information

How do I access Encore?

As a student to access Encore in the first instance you need to access the Encore link in the Blackboard site that the recordings are being recorded for. The Encore link is found in the left hand menu of your Blackboard site.

Clicking on the Encore link in your Blackboard site is you activating your Encore account. Once you have done this you can login via www.echo360.org.uk. You can only do this AFTER you have accessed the Encore links in your Blackboard sites that are housing recordings for you.

Where do I acces help and support for Encore?

As a student you can access help and support for using the Encore system from these students web pages as well as from 301 which also have some support in place for studying with Encore.

Encore is not working on my device, how can I fix it?

Accessing Encore on your device

When trying to access Encore please ensure you are using one of the following web browsers and follow the tips and tricks listed below to ensure Encore will work for you on your device. If you have followed the steps below and are still facing issues accessing Encore, please contact the IT Service Desk:
Email: it-servicedesk@sheffield.ac.uk
Phone: 0114 222 1111.
Please use the following web browsers to access Encore:
> Google Chrome
> Mozilla Firefox
> Safari

Clearing your Cookies and Cache

Clearing your cookies and cache should be done after you have tried the above fixes if Encore not working on your web browser. Clearing your cookies and cache removes all of your saved passwords for all websites that you use.

Mozilla Firefox

You can do this by going to your web browser options > privacy and security > browser privacy > cookies and site data > clear data.
Please note: This will clear out your passwords and embedded content from websites and allow you to start afresh when you try and access the Encore link in Blackboard.

Firefox settings

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome you need to go to settings > advanced > privacy and security > clear browsing data.
This will clear out your passwords and embedded content from websites and allow you to start afresh when you try to access the Encore link in Blackboard.

Chrome settings


In Safari you need to go to preferences > privacy > manage website data > search for Echo360 > highlight sites that show up > then remove them.

This will clear out your passwords and embedded content from websites and allow you to start afresh when you try to access the Encore link.

Cookies Clearning

On Safari, you will also need to ensure that you have enabled cross-site tracking by ensuring the tick box is blank in your privacy settings on your web browser.

Privacy settings

If you are still experiencing problems accessing Encore please email the Encore team at encorehelp@sheffield.ac.uk and they will work with you to resolve this for you.

How do I study with Encore?

Encore is a tool to aid your note taking and revision, it is not a replacement for your face-to-face teaching events. Studies show that students who use Encore to consolidate their notes and revise, as well as attending face-to-face teaching sessions, are the students who achieved the highest grades.

Below you will find some help guides about how to study with Encore.

Can I download Encore recordings?

As an institution we have switched off the ability for students to download Encore recordings to keep on their devices.

However, you can use the Echo360 app which is downloadable for Apple and Android phones. The app allows you to download Encore recordings so you can watch the recordings offline. These downloads are stored within the Encore app.

I have the Echo360 mobile app but it isn't showing all of my modules, what can I do?

If one of your modules is missing from your module list you will need to go to the Blackboard site for the module and click on the Encore Lecture Capture link on the left hand menu. Clicking this link will enroll you onto the same course in Encore and this will allow you to see the course in your list on the Echo360 app.

Can I make notes in Encore against presentations and recordings?

Yes, as a student you have access to the notes feature in Encore by default. Please see the guide below to see how to use this feature.

Making Notes in Encore:

How can I interact in class?

Encore has interactive features called Lecture Tools embedded into it. This can be shown through interactive Q&A slides added by your tutor or by you using the Lecture Tools specifically included to aide your studying such as note taking, Q&A boards, discussion boards and confusion flags.

Below you will find some help guides about how to use Lecture Tools and how to interact in class.

How to interact in class

Case Studies

Student Case Studies

Below is a case study the Encore team filmed with a few student users of the Encore service to determine how the system has helped their learning and how they use it to study their degree qualifications. Note that 'my echo' refers to the Encore platform.

The Encore team are wanting to update this case study, if you are interested in being involved in a video case study please email encorehelp@sheffield.ac.uk and let the Encore team know you would like to be involved.