Student Status Confirmation and Verification

An outline of the official documents SSiD can confirm and verify for current and former students.

How we verify your documents

SSiD can confirm and verify your official documents using delegated authority from the University Secretary.

For your student academic status and achievements to be officially confirmed and verified, they must be signed by the University Secretary. SSiD have the authority to confirm and verify these documents on behalf of the University Secretary using a blue stamped signature.

University documents 

SSiD can verify the following official University of Sheffield documents on behalf of the University Secretary:

Documents for external organisations 

SSiD can confirm your student status to external organisations such as banks, government agencies, local authorities, embassies etc. 

Academic verification 

Third parties, such as prospective employers or Higher Education Institutions, can request academic verification documents for current and former students.

Erasmus+ paperwork

If your home university requires you to have a 'certificate of arrival' or 'learning agreement' signed, please contact SSiD.

Jury service deferral 

We can provide you with a Jury Service deferral letter to support your deferral request.

Right to Rent letter

If your landlord requires a letter of nomination from the University, we can provide you with a Right to Rent letter. Please ensure the name and address of the landlord and the address of the prospective property is correct in MUSE before you contact SSiD.


If you're a mature student over the age of 25, we can help you complete the form to apply for a 16-25 railcard. Visit the page below for more information:

If you're under 25 you don’t need to contact the University to apply for the 16-25 railcard, visit: 

Other forms

If you have any other forms or paperwork that need to be completed, please email it to and we’ll let you know if we can help.