Student Status Documents

Standard Letter

A standard certificate can be used in most instances to prove your student status

Term Time Address

A term time address certificate can be used when you need to shown where you are living as well as proving your student status

Bank Letters

Available straight away over the counter, a bank letter is addressed to the manager of the bank you have chosen

Council Tax Letter

Students registered on a full time programme of study may be exempt from paying Council Tax or may qualify for a reduction in the amount payable

Tuition Fee Summary

A fee summary certificate can be used to show your total tuition fees for the year. Available on request at SSiD.

Tuition Fee Payment Details

A fee payment details shows payments you have made towards your tuition fees. You will need to order this online as it may take a few days to produce.

Graduation Attendance

This certificate confirms your status as a student and also includes a sentence confirming that you and guests have been invited to a graduation ceremony.

Other Certifying Letters

In certain circumstances students may need a University certificate in order to prove student status.

Summary of Results

Summary of Results are usually provided on request to students who require evidence of modules studied and grades attained so far.


Transcripts are provided to students who require evidence of modules studied and grades attained. They are normally used by students to apply for graduate courses or employment.