Our Promise to You

(Our Service Level Agreement)

SLA Wordle

Your Responsibility

To seek and provide information as required in accordance with the Customer Care Policy.

Availability of Service

0900-1700 Monday-Friday except:

  • 10-00-1700 Thursdays.
  • When the Union Building is closed.
  • 0830-1700 during examination periods.

24/7 via the website and online services.

Service Measures

  1. Deal with cases regarded as urgent (as defined by SSiD) within 24 hours wherever possible.
  2. Provide initial response to written correspondence within five working days.
  3. Answer telephone calls as soon as possible, using voicemail only when otherwise engaged tone or outside office hours. Respond to messages within one working day.
  4. Investigate and respond appropriately to complaints within University guidelines.
  5. 80% of documents produced by SSiD on same day request.
  6. 85% of email requests responded to in two working days.
  7. Review SSiD publications at least annually.


Co-operation of colleagues in making information available and to notify SSiD of changes of practice and correspondence that may have impact on SSiD.