Attendance Monitoring

How and why we monitor your attendance and information on taking an absence from University.

Our video below explains attendance monitoring and provides information on taking absences.

Video: Attendance monitoring 

Suspension of face-to-face teaching and Covid-19

Due to the suspension of face-to-face teaching during the Covid-19 outbreak the below information regarding attendance monitoring is not currently strictly applicable.

You are still expected to remain engaged with your programme via online learning and the submission of assignments.

Your department will continue to monitor your academic engagement and progress, and raise concerns where these may become an issue.

Why we monitor your attendance

Your department is required to monitor your attendance throughout your studies to:

  1. Ensure you are engaging with your course.
  2. Identify where you are struggling.
  3. Ensure you have access to the right support.

Lack of attendance over a long period of time can lead to formal action by your department and in some cases, withdrawal from the University. Please see your student handbook for information on how your department monitors attendance.

Tier 4 students

You're required to be in regular attendance on your course and inform your department of any short or long-term absences.

We can withdraw the sponsorship of your visa if your attendance is not satisfactory.

For more information on your Tier 4 responsibilities, please visit the page below.

If you want to change your course, take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University, please visit the page below.

Study abroad students

You must report to SSiD with your UCard for Attendance Monitoring on the 1st and 15th of every month (or as near as possible).

Visit SSiD

Erasmus students

Your host department will monitor your attendance. You don't need to report to SSiD.

Professional courses

If you're on a professional course, we'll consider your attendance when awarding your professional accreditation.

Absences and Change of Status

If you want to take an absence of seven days or less, please complete the Self-Certification form below and return it to your department.

For information on taking a leave of absence, withdrawing from the University or changing your course, please visit the page below.


If you're struggling to attend University for whatever reason, you can speak to your personal tutor or department in the first instance.

Our dedicated support services can also offer you help and guidance: 

If you don't know which service you need, please visit the page below: