Application to Repeat a Period of Study

If your Year End result is F (Fail) or NA (Not Assessed) and you intend to repeat the year:

1. What to do next

  • Whether you're repeating internally (with attendance at lectures and classes) or externally (without attendance), you should contact your department for advice in the first instance, and then complete an "Application to Repeat a Period of Study Form". You may also need to contact other examining department(s)/school(s) for advice about re-assessment on specific failed modules/units.
  • Forms must be completed and approved by your academic department and submitted to the Student Administration Service. They'll then email you with further instructions - follow these instructions to complete your registration. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be registered for study, and you may consequently be withdrawn from the University.

Note: Other than at Level 1, University regulations will permit you to repeat failed or not assessed units only.

If you are repeating your current level or a previous level on a different programme, you should complete a Change of Programme form instead.

2. Financial Implications

Please note that a repeat period of study may have significant financial consequences which you are advised to check before making any decision:

  • If you are applying to repeat study (even if on a different programme), you will need to complete Registration. You will not be granted full registration unless you are able to pay the due tuition fees or can show written proof of sponsorship relating to the repeat period. Further information is available from the link to Repeat Registration in the See Also box.

  • If you are repeating internally (with attendance at lectures and classes) you will be charged a pro-rata tuition fee dependent on the number of credits you will be repeating. Information about tuition fees for an internal repeat year can be found below here: Internal Repeat

  • If you are applying to Student Finance for an internal repeat year, please be aware of the following:
        -Student Finance will only allow a tuition fee loan for one repeat year. If this will be your second repeat year, you will only be able to access a tuition fee loan if you are able to provide evidence of Compelling Personal Reasons (e.g. illness) to Student Finance. If you are unsure about your eligibility due to your previous study, please contact Student Finance directly to check.
        -If you are on a full time course, you should apply for full time Student Finance loans even if you are repeating less than 120 credits. You can enter the correct tuition fee amount as part of the application. Do not apply to Student Finance as a part time student unless you have transferred to a part time course.
        -If you have already applied to Student Finance for next year, the University will inform them that you are undertaking a repeat period and tell them the correct tuition fee amount once your repeat period has been approved.

  • If you are repeating externally (without attendance):
        -You will be charged a reassessment fee. Information about reassessment fees can be found here:
  • Repeats and resit fees
        -You will not be eligible to receive a maintenance loan from Student Finance whilst repeating externally.

  • If you are unsure as to exactly how your change of status may affect your tuition fees, please seek advice from the Student Administration Service Helpline on 0114 222 1288 or email the link below.


3. Visa/Immigration Implications

If you are in the UK on a student visa, please ensure that you have read this information before submitting a Repeat application to your department.

  • Please note that the University must report changes in your circumstances to the UK Home Office, including: changes of programme, leave of absence, withdrawal, failure to attend.

Email: International Student Support

Application to Repeat a Period of Study Form (PDF, 174kb)

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4. Additional Information

  • General guidance and information is also available at Help and Support for Students on the Student Services information Desk (SSiD) website (link in See Also box).
  • You may wish to consult the Students' Union Advice Centre about your options (link in See Also box).
  • Information about taking a Leave of Absence (suspending your studies for a period of time) or Withdrawing from the University is available from the links in the See Also box.