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Exam deadline

Friday November 27th 2020 is the Exams Team's deadline for 2020-21 semester one alternative exam arrangement referrals.

If you are a disabled student who needs alternative exam arrangements (e.g. extra time, rest breaks or use of a computer) but do not yet have these in place, you must have discussed your requirements with DDSS - and provided us with satisfactory diagnostic evidence of your disability - by Friday November 27th 2020 to guarantee that your exam support will be in place in time for any exams you are scheduled to sit in the 2020-21 semester one assessment period.

After the deadline, DDSS will still make referrals for alternative exam arrangements, but it may not be possible to implement these arrangements in time for exams taking place in the upcoming assessment period.

You can make an appointment to discuss your exam requirements (and other support needs) with a disability adviser by following the steps on our ‘How do I set up my support?’ page. If you have a specific query about exam support, please contact us.