Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs)

Each academic department has a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO). DLOs are a useful additional source of help to disabled students and you can contact them if you have a question or concern, particularly if it is related to departmental support or processes.

With your permission we will send your department’s DLO information relating to your disability and provide some guidance on how your department can best support you. We will ask your DLO to pass this information on to all staff in the department who will be working with you each semester. You will get a chance to discuss this with your disability adviser before any information is sent.

Department Contacts

Accommodation and Commercial Services Trudie White Residence Life Officer T.White@sheffield.ac.uk 28866
Animal and Plant Sciences Dr Penny Watt Lecturer p.j.watt@sheffield.ac.uk 20076
Archaeology Maureen Carroll Professor p.m.carroll@sheffield.ac.uk 22959
Architecture (School of) Leo Care University Teacher l.care@sheffield.ac.uk 20304
Architecture (School of) Frances Sutherland Learning and Teaching Manager frances.sutherland@sheffield.ac.uk 20309
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering Hannah Morby Undergraduate Admissions and Course Support Officer


Biomedical Science Anil Sahal (Admin support from Dawn Bramham) University Teacher d.bramham@sheffield.ac.uk 22357
Cardiovascular Science Sue Furness Secretary s.furness@sheffield.ac.uk 812154
Careers Service Ms Hilary Whorrall Careers Adviser h.whorrall@sheffield.ac.uk 20926
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Rachel Smith

Marine Percival


Learning & Teaching Manager





Chemistry Dr Mike Morris Academic staff m.morris@sheffield.ac.uk 29363
CiCS Mark Morley Educational Technologist m.morley@sheffield.ac.uk 23017

Civil and Structural Engineering Laura Wright Senior Student Support Officer l.wright@sheffield.ac.uk 22570

Clinical Dentistry (School of)

Clinical Dentistry (School of)

Dr Angela Fairclough

Jennie Hopkin

Clinical Lecturer

PA to the Dean & School Administrator





Clinical Psychology Unit Dr Sara Dennis Clinical Tutor s.dennis@sheffield.ac.uk 26642
Computer Science Stacey Jaouane UG Admissions & Student Support Officer s.l.jaouane@sheffield.ac.uk 21813
Counselling Service Helen Richardson Counsellor ucs@sheffield.ac.uk 24134
Department for Lifelong Learning Maria Baldam Student Support & Welfare Assistant M.Baldam@sheffield.ac.uk 27023
Department for Lifelong Learning Alex Berry Student Support & Welfare Adviser Alex.Berry@sheffield.ac.uk 27026
East Asian Studies (School of) Ziyi Wei z.wei@sheffield.ac.uk
Economics Linda Brabbs Assessment Officer L.Brabbs@sheffield.ac.uk 23302
Education (School of) Colleen Woodward Senior Student Experience Officer (Support) c.woodward@sheffield.ac.uk 28087
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Neil Powell Academic n.powell@sheffield.ac.uk 25172
ELTC June Nelson Clerical Assistant j.nelson@sheffield.ac.uk 21780
Engineering Interdisciplinary Programmes Office Sarah Power Administrator s.e.power@sheffield.ac.uk 27835
English (School of)

Dr Carmen Levick

Lecturer in Theater c.levick@sheffield.ac.uk 20212
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Interdisciplinary Programmes Office Ruaridh Watson Student Support Officer ruaridh.watson@sheffield.ac.uk 29718/29707
Finance (Income Office) Elisa Chesterton Student Customers Team Leader studentcustomers1@sheffield.ac.uk 24212
Finance (Income Office) Jill Smith Student Customers Team Leader studentcustomers1@sheffield.ac.uk 24212
Geography Kate Findlater Learning & Teaching Manager K.M.Findlater@sheffield.ac.uk 27901
Health and Safety Koran Baldwin Fire Safety Assistant K.Baldwin@sheffield.ac.uk 26202
History Tehyun Ma Lecturer tehyun.ma@sheffield.ac.uk 22588
History Rebecca Freeman Undergraduate Support Manager rebecca.freeman@sheffield.ac.uk 22580
Human Communication Sciences Lucy Dyson University teacher lucy.dyson@sheffield.ac.uk 22408
Human Nutrition Unit (Medical School) Theresa Caruth Senior Clerical Officer t.caruth@sheffield.ac.uk 25536
Information School Xin Zhao Lecturer Xin.Zhao@sheffield.ac.uk 22677

Journalism Studies

Journalism Studies

Journalism Studies

Amanda Sewell

Jess Meacham

Louise Runagle

Administrative Officer (UG)

Student Support Tutor

Programme Administrator (PG)







Landscape Kevin Thwaites Lecturer k.thwaites@sheffield.ac.uk 20620
Languages and Cultures (School of) Kat Gardner Student Experience Support Officer k.hutchison@sheffield.ac.uk 20632
Law (School of) Julie Prescott Senior Student Experience Officer J.P.Prescott@sheffield.ac.uk 26706
Library Angela Greenwood Library Services and Diversity Manager A.R.Greenwood@sheffield.ac.uk 27204
Management School Nathan Hobson Student Experience Support Officer N.Hobson@sheffield.ac.uk 23372
Materials Science and Engineering Dr Beverley Inkson Academic beverley.inkson@sheffield.ac.uk 25925
Mathematics and Statistics (School of) Dr Rekha Jain Senior Lecturer r.jain@sheffield.ac.uk 23732
Mechanical Engineering Keira Sweet Receptionist k.sweet@sheffield.ac.uk 27709
Medical School Vikki Hattersley Student Support and Assessment Officer v.hattersley@sheffield.ac.uk 24482
Medical School Fran Oldale Admin Officer f.oldale@sheffield.ac.uk 25524
Medical School - Postgraduate Research Paula Blackwell Admissions Administrator medicine-pgr@sheffield.ac.uk
Medical School - Postgraduate Taught Dr. Carolyn Staton Lecturer c.a.staton@sheffield.ac.uk 59063
Modern Languages Teaching Centre Akash Sehdev MLTC Office Supervisor a.sehdev@sheffield.ac.uk 22714

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Multidisciplinary Engineering Education

Dawn Chittenden

Meg Moakes

Student Support Manager

Student Support Officer






Andrew Killick




Nursing and Midwifery (School of) Tracey Pacan Team Leader t.m.pacan@sheffield.ac.uk 22058
Nursing and Midwifery (School of) David Reid Lecturer d.reid@sheffield.ac.uk 22060
Orthoptics Anne Bjerre Lecturer a.bjerre@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 215 9038
Orthoptics Debbie Proctor Teaching Administrator d.proctor@sheffield.ac.uk 24486
Philosophy Dominic Gregory Lecturer D.Gregory@sheffield.ac.uk 20592
Physics and Astronomy Professor John Cockburn Professor of Physics


Politics Nicola Black Undergraduate Office Receptionist n.black@sheffield.ac.uk 21647
Psychology Dr Asha Akram University Teacher a.akram@sheffield.ac.uk 26533
Psychology (IAPT) Sally Dawson IAPT Secretary s.r.dawson@sheffield.ac.uk 26607
Religion, Theology and the Bible Anne-Marie Frisby Senior Student Support Officer A-M.Frisby@sheffield.ac.uk 20570
SCHARR (School of Health and Related Research) Charlotte Hollins Academic Programmes Manager c.hollins@sheffield.ac.uk 22998
Sheffield International College Janet Riley Head of Student Support JRiley@studygroup.com 27147
Sheffield Methods Institute Julie Hurst Programme Administrator Officer J.A.Hurst@sheffield.ac.uk 27136
Sociological Studies Lynda Hughes University Teacher lynda.hughes@sheffield.ac.uk
Strategy, Planning and Governance Rebecca Barker Governance Officer R.Barker@sheffield.ac.uk 21741
Student Recruitment and Admissions Peter Goodliffe Outreach Coordinator P.Goodliffe@sheffield.ac.uk 24369
Student Recruitment and Admissions Julia Pitchford Postgrad/EU student recruitment J.V.Pitchford@sheffield.ac.uk 24903
Student Recruitment and Admissions Kate Smith Outreach Officer kathryn.smith@sheffield.ac.uk 29877

University Health Service

University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE)

Corrie Percival

Anna Nibbs

Medical Secretary

Enterprise Education Developer





Urban Studies and Planning Emma Ryszka Learning & Teaching Officer e.ryszka@sheffield.ac.uk 26900
Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ruth Robson Staff Occupational Health Adviser R.M.Robson@sheffield.ac.uk 27462