Culture Compass

Help with finding your way through the challenges of a new culture - wherever you're from!

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Every Tuesday, 13.00-14.00, View Room 4, Students Union Level 4.


If we understand culture we can understand each other

At Culture Compass, students from around the world come together to discuss culture in an informal setting. For international students it's a way of getting a better understanding of the British. If you're from the UK, you might be surprised what you can learn about your own culture by attempting to explain it to others! Along the way, all students can gain valuable insights to help you navigate the global world of work.


Autumn 2017 programme: "What do we need to know about culture?"

In the first semester we explore categories of culture that are important in understanding what makes us different, and help us in getting to know each other better! Click on the button below for full details of the sessions and to register to take part.

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