Graduate Immigration Route

Information about the UK government’s two to three year graduate work visa for international students with a visa under Tier 4 or the new student visa route.

What is it?

The UK Government have announced a new Graduate Immigration Route, which will be launched in summer 2021.

The new route will allow you to apply for a visa to remain in the UK for two years after your studies so you can look for work or start work at any skill level, or 3 years if you have completed a PhD.

There is currently limited information about the new graduate work visa but we will update this page as soon we know more.


You should be able to apply if you:

  • have a valid Tier 4 Visa or a visa under the new student visa route; and
  • have successfully completed a degree at undergraduate level or above; and
  • graduate in the summer of 2021 or after; and
  • you must have completed the entirety of the degree inside the UK except for:
  1. Permitted study abroad programmes that take place outside the UK.
  2. Distance learning necessary due to COVID-19. Please see here for more information.
  • have not previously been granted a visa under the graduate immigration route; AND
  • have permission from your financial sponsor (only if your financial sponsor was a government sponsor)

How to apply

You must:

  • apply inside the UK
  • complete identity, criminality and security checks
  • pay an application fee and an Immigration Health Surcharge payment

We will explain the visa application process in more detail when the government release more information.

See also

The government and UKCISA webpages provide up to date information on the new Graduate Immigration Route.