What is Leave of Absence

During your studies you may face challenges which you feel would benefit from having some time away from academic study. This is known as taking a Leave of Absence (LOA).

A LOA is designated time away from your studies (usually a semester or a full academic year) and is taken by thousands of students each year for a variety of reasons.

When thinking about taking a LOA you should consult with your academic department, funding bodies and support services if appropriate. You should also think how you can use your period of absence to best prepare yourself for your return to studying.

A table of support is available to download on the right hand side menu.

You can talk to a member of the Student Transitions and Support Team at support@sheffield.ac.uk for further advice and support about taking a LOA and your options.

Taking a leave of absence is not a sign of weakness. The process exists to help you prepare for success and gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, your health, and your finances as necessary whilst breaking from your studies. The leave is an opportunity to better prepare yourself for academic success on your return.