LGBT+ Students

This page provides information, support and advice for LGBT+ students.

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Support and Coming Out

University Support

There are various committees and services throughout the University which can offer you advice and support on any specific issues you may have, such as coming out. Visit the pages below to view our range of Student Support Services.

You can also contact a welfare officer or committee member from the Students’ Union LGBT+ committee for advice and support on all related issues.

The video below outlines some of our student’s coming out experiences.

External Support

Harassment, Bullying and Hate Crimes

We are committed to promoting and maintaining an inclusive working, learning and social environment where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

Where you or someone else have experienced harassment or bullying, please report it to the Student Harassment and Bullying Support Network via the form below.

 Report Incident of Harassment or Bullying

Please visit the page below for further information. 

Hate Crimes

Harassment directed towards an individual as a result of their transgender identity or sexual orientation is considered a hate crime within the UK. We have a zero tolerance policy towards hate crime and strive to ensure every member of the University community feels safe on our campus.

Hate crimes can take various different forms, such as:

  • blackmail
  • harassment
  • exploitation
  • intimidation
  • verbal abuse
  • online abuse
  • damage to property
  • bullying or intimidation
  • physical abuse/violence/assault

Where you have experienced or witnessed a hate crime, please report it to University Security in the first instance on:

  • 0114 222 4085 (24 hours)
  • 0114 222 4444 (emergency)

Please visit the page below further advice and information.

Administrative Changes for Transgender Students

Where you are a transgender student, we have a designated member of staff who can help you:

  • address accommodation requirements
  • make administrative changes to your record
  • offer additional professional support to assist with your transition

Please contact Matthew Page in the Student Administration Service who will talk with you about the support available, manage any administration changes, and liaise on your behalf with other University departments/services as required.

Estranged from Parents

Many students remain financially dependent on their parents, or receive financial assistance based on an assessment of their parents’ income.

Where you are estranged from your parent(s)/guardian(s), the University is committed to supporting you financially and personally.

Please visit the page below for an outline of the support services, bursaries and scholarships available to you.

For more information on the financial support available, please visit the page below.

Health and Wellbeing

We have our own University Health Service (UHS) and University Counselling Service (UCS) available to all students to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing.

As a registered student you can book an appointment with UHS to discuss any medical needs. We also provide a full range of sexual health services including:

  • free treatment
  • full STI screening
  • free contraception

You can also get free condoms, dental dams and lubricant from the LGBT Lounge, as well as information and advice about local services.

Please visit the page below for specific sexual health related information for LGBT+ students.

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