Postgraduate Taught Students

This page provides information and advice for current and former postgraduate taught students.

PGT Students

Current Students

Financial Support

For information on the financial support available to you from the Government, University and other funding bodies please visit the page below.

Student Support

Where you require any support during your studies regarding personal wellbeing, exam anxiety, homesickness etc. there are a range of University services to support you.

Please visit the page below which will signpost you to the most appropriate information and services.

Awaiting Results

Once you have finished your studies, please make sure your contact details are correct to ensure you receive important correspondence from the University, such as your exam results or transcripts.

Where you have completed your coursework and are awaiting your final results, your access to the following services will change.

Council Tax

Where you have completed your coursework and your student registration has ended (the expiry date on your UCard) you will no longer qualify for Council Tax exemption.

University Email Account

Your University email account will be deleted after your graduation date. You will receive a two week warning during which time you should make copies of any important data.

At the end of the two week period your account will be suspended for a short time before being permanently deleted.

Health Service

You may continue to use the University Health Service until your graduation.

After you graduate you are expected to find a new primary care physician.

Where you have enduring health problems you can remain registered for a period of time as determined by your GP. You should discuss this with your doctor at UHS.

Library Access

You will not be able to access or borrow books from the library after the expiry date on your UCard.

You can apply for an Alumni library card which allows you to:

  • borrow books
  • access e-journals
  • access the University libraries

Final Results

You will usually receive your final results at the end of November in the form of an online transcript. This will be issued to you using ShARe.

SSiD cannot release your results, confirming letters, copies of degree certificates etc. before this date.

We can provide you with a summary of your provisional results before this date once the faculty board have approved them and your academic department confirms their release via the form below.

Permission to Release PGT Provisional Results Form


You will receive an email regarding your graduation ceremony before your results are published. You are expected to submit your intentions to attend during this period.

You will be considered ‘successfully completed’ once you receive your degree certificate at your graduation ceremony.

Where you have chosen not to attend, your degree certificate will be sent to SSiD. You can request to collect this in person or have it delivered. Please visit the page below for more information.

You will not be awarded your qualification until all monies (e.g. tuition fees) due to the University have been paid.


Where you are a former student, SSiD can provide you with the following documents. Please visit the relevant page below for more information:

Please visit the page below for more information on the exclusive benefits for Alumni, donations, reunions and events.

International Students

Where you are a current or former international student, please visit the page below for immigration advice and information on what to do before, during and after your studies.