ShARe for Postgraduate Taught Students

All completing PGT students, including Erasmus/Study Abroad students, will receive an electronic transcript via our secure online Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe) system.

What do I need in order to access my results?

You will need to find out your HUSID number in order to log in to ShARe. Please write this down as soon as possible, so that you have the information you need to continue accessing your transcript once you have left the University.

  • Find your HUSID by logging in to MUSE and going to: My Services > myRecord > Personal Details

If you already have a ShARe account, e.g. if you were an undergraduate student at Sheffield and have a HEAR in the ShARe system, please use the same login details to access your PGT transcript.

When will my electronic transcript be issued to me?

At the end of the year that you are due to complete your studies, following Postgraduate Taught results publication. This is usually late November/early December.

In early August of this year, you will receive an email via your University account giving you the exact dates of issuing.

As soon as your ShARe transcript is issued, you will receive a notification email to your University of Sheffield address. The email will be sent from:

You cannot access your ShARe account until you have received this notification.

What do I do once my transcript has been issued?
  • Log in to ShARe using your HUSID (in MUSE My Services > myRecord > Personal Details), and your University Registration Number as your password.

    ShARe Login Page

  • If your final result is Fail (Final), go to the Information Points section at the end of your transcript, click on the link to information about re-sitting (point 4), and follow the instructions. Remember that you may re-sit modules on one occasion only.
  • If your final result is Not Assessed (Final), go to the Information Points section at the end of your transcript, click on the link to information about re-sitting (point 4), and follow the instructions. These will tell you how to enter for assessment for your modules which have not been assessed.
  • If you have been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate, please request your certificate:

    Request a Postgraduate Certificate

  • Make sure you also go to 'Settings' and change your email to an address you will continue to use after you have left the University, and change your password to something more personal than your Registration Number (for security reasons).
What if I complete my studies later than planned?

If you have not completed your studies when originally expected (e.g. because you need to re-sit), you will still be issued with a partial transcript providing you with your results to date. Your transcript will be then updated once your full set of results is available.

What will happen to my account after I leave The University of Sheffield?

You will be able to continue accessing ShARe after you have left, to enable you to use your electronic transcript as official evidence of your results, and carry on sharing it with anyone of your choice, e.g. employers/other institutions.

However, you will not be able to look up your HUSID number (your ShARe login ID) via MUSE after you have graduated. Please write down your HUSID now - find it in MUSE My services > myRecord > Personal details.

How do I share my electronic transcript?
  • Click on the 'Sharing' tab.
  • Select 'Share a document online'.
  • Click on 'Share' next to your document.
  • Complete the fields to indicate the type of share you wish to create.

N.B. You can share your document directly with education verification providers such as World Education Services. Simply follow the instructions for using a 'Digitary' system, entering '' as the contact with whom you wish to share your transcript.

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