Course Pressures

An outline of the services available to support you if you're experiencing course-related pressures. 

Falling behind on work

You can speak to your personal tutor about any academic or pastoral concerns you may have. If you don’t know who your personal tutor is, please contact your department.

You can also visit our 301 Academic Skills service, which offer a range of workshops to help improve your study skills and manage your time and workload.

Year abroad / in industry

Our Global Opportunities web pages offer lots of practical advice for studying abroad.

The Global Graduates website is also full of useful information about studying abroad including city-guides, language tips and things to do before you set off.

If you have any concerns or second thoughts about going on a year abroad/ in industry, you can speak to your academic department for information and guidance.

Fitness to study

If you have disabling conditions or long-term mental or physical health issues, we can offer focused, appropriate and boundaried support and reasonable adjustments to ensure you have equal opportunities to succeed in all aspects of University life.

Please visit the page below for more information.

If University support is not possible for whatever reason and your department raises concerns about your fitness to study, you can seek independent advice about your next steps from the Student Advice Centre.

Fitness to practice

If you’re on a professional course (e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Social Work, etc.), under University regulations you must be a suitable, safe and responsible candidate to work in your profession.

If any doubts are raised about your fitness to practice (e.g. your performance, conduct, attitude and behaviour within and outside your course), we will open an investigation to decide whether you should remain on your course.

If you’re being investigated under Fitness to Practice regulations, you can seek independent advice about your next steps from the Student Advice Centre.

Unfair means (cheating)

If you’ve tried to gain an unfair advantage (e.g. cheating/plagiarism) in the completion of an assessment or exam, or assisted someone else in gaining an unfair advantage, you will be found to have used unfair means and we may take disciplinary action.

If you’re being investigated for Unfair Means, you can seek independent advice about your next steps from the Student Advice Centre.

Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service offers short-term, tailored one-to-one support if you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or struggling to adjust to student life.