Dealing with Drugs and Alcohol Issues

There may be times at University when you feel pressured to take drugs or drink excessively to fit in with those around you. It is very important to remember that you should never feel like you have to do anything you are not completely comfortable with.

We hope the following information will help answer some of the more common questions you may have around drugs and alcohol.

I don’t drink, are there social events I can attend that don’t involve alcohol?

It may seem that alcohol plays a significant role in the social activities of many students. However, whilst many do enjoy a night out, there are plenty of students who prefer to only drink occasionally or not at all.

The Students’ Union caters to all students and there are plenty of activities taking place that do not involve alcohol. Check out the Give it a Go programme for a whole host of alcohol-free events, trips and workshops.

What is the University/ Students’ Union policy on drugs?

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Students’ Union have a zero-tolerance to drugs policy.

I am worried about a friend's drug and/or alcohol use, what can I do?

If you are worried about the health of a friend our housemate, you should contact the University's Central Welfare on 0114 222 4321 or by emailing.

If you are living in University accommodation you might also want to contact Resident Support

You can also contact the University´s Security Services if you are concerned about an issue or incident relating to drugs or alcohol. You can contact the Security control room on 0114 222 4085 or by emailing

I am worried about my own drug and/or alcohol use, where can I get support?

If you are dealing with a drug or alcohol problem, there are a number of support services that you can contact for information and advice.

A good first point of contact is a doctor at the University Health Service or your GP. For further support, you can also speak the University Counselling Service. UCS work in a non-judgemental, confidential way to help you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. They do not inform anyone of any illegal activity they hear about in counselling unless there is a clear and immediate risk to someone’s life.

If you are using drugs or alcohol to help you cope with another issue or difficulty, you can find information about further support on our mental wellbeing webpages.

Where can I find further information and support?

The Sheffield Alcohol Support Service offers support and advice to those suffering with alcohol addiction.

The Rockingham Drug Project offers advice and help for drug users, their family and friends about opiates and illegal drugs. You can contact them on 0114 275 5973 or by emailing:

If you have a concerns about drugs or alcohol then, as well as contacting specific support services in the University, you may wish to speak to your Students´ Union Welfare Officer.

Other information and support:

If the information you are looking for is not included in our web pages and you aren't sure who to approach, please come to SSiD and we will try to point you in the right direction.