Harassment, Bullying and Hate Crimes

What to do if you experience or witness a hate crime, harassment or bullying.

Hate crimes

If you or someone else has experienced a hate crime, please contact our Security Services on their 24-hour line: 0114 222 4085.

Harassment and bullying

If you or someone else has experienced harassment (including sexual harassment), abuse, bullying or discrimination please visit Report & Support, our secure online information and reporting platform.

You can:

  • report anonymously
  • report by giving your personal details
  • make a report on someone else’s behalf

The page below explains harassment, bullying and hate crimes in more detail.


If you or someone else are in immediate danger and you’re on campus, call the University Security Service on 0114 222 4444.

If you’re outside University Campus, dial 999.

External support

The page below outlines the external, non-University support services available.