Thinking about Crime and Your Safety

Sheffield is reported to be the safest large city in the UK, but like any big city anywhere in the world, it is not crime free.

We want you to feel as safe as possible whilst you’re living and studying in Sheffield, and so we’ve put together some advice and resources you can use to help you look after yourself and your property.

How can I protect my home and my possessions from theft?

Whether you’re at home or out-and-about, there are several things you can do to make your property less of a target for thieves.

At home

Keep your home secure by making sure to lock all of your windows and doors when you go out, even if you know one or more of your housemates is still at home. Make sure any valuable items (such as laptops and games consoles) are not visible from windows and, if possible, use SmartWater  and the Immobilise database to mark and register your property.

You can find more advice on keeping your home safe on the following webpages:

Out and about

If you’re using any valuable gadgets in a public place (such as if you’re studying on your laptop in the library or in a cafe), never leave them unattended. Even if you’re just popping to the toilet, make sure you take all your belongings with you, or ask a friend to keep an eye on them whilst you’re gone.

Bike security

If you have a bike, you should invest in quality D-shaped locks to keep it secure. We recommend that you use two locks so that you are able to secure the frame and both wheels fully. You can buy these for a subsidised price from the Cycle Hut in the Arts Tower carpark.

You can find more information on bike security on the following webpages:

You should also make sure you have insurance for your more valuable items (including bikes) so that, if the worse does happen and you do experience a burglary, they can be replaced.

For more advice on keeping your property safe from thieves, check out the ‘Thieves Inc’ section of the Safe Sheffield website. You can also see our individual videos on burglary, sneak theft, property marking and bike security.

What are the best ways to travel home safely after dark?

Whether you’re heading home after a night out or you’ve been studying late in the library, there are several methods you can use to make your journey as safe as possible:

Safe Taxi Scheme

The Students’ Union Safe Taxi Scheme aims to ensure that students with no money left on them can still get home safely after a night out. Here’s how it works.

Women’s Mini Bus

Female students can use the Women’s Mini Bus from the Students’ Union to travel directly to their door. The bus runs seven nights a week during term time and costs just £1.50. See te Students’ Union website for the full timetable.

Night bus from the Students’ Union

On Saturday nights, you can use the 952 night bus from the City Centre and the Students’ Union to get home. See the Students’ Union website for more details about the timetable and route.

If you do have to walk, always walk with a group of friends and stick to well-lit areas, even if this means taking a slightly longer route home. Avoid talking on your mobile phone, listening to music or doing anything that means you might be distracted from what is going on around you.

You can find more information about travelling home safely after dark on our Student Safety webpages.

How do I protect myself against scams and fraud online?

Students are increasingly becoming targets for online fraudsters, who use fake job advertisements ad emails to try and fool you into handing over important details or becoming implicit in their scams.

It is very important that you know how to recognise the signs of a scam emails. Check out the “Scamspotting” webpages of the Safe Sheffield website, as well as this advice from Take Five, Stop Fraud. CiCS have also produced a useful video detailing some signs of scam emails, which you can watch here.

How do I report a crime?

It is very important that you report any crime you experience, even if you may think it seems too small or trivial. This is because the police rely on analysis of crime reports to target their resources effectively, and the more crimes they know about, the more accurately they can do this.

If it is an emergency, you should call the emergency services on 999. To report a non-urgent incident to South Yorkshire Police, please call 101.

You can also report crimes to the University Security Services. You can find the phone number for University Security on the back of your UCard, as well as further contact details on their website.

What should I do if I have been a victim of a hate crime?

The University of Sheffield has a zero tolerance policy towards hate crime. It is very important to us that each and every member of the University community feels safe when they are out and about on our campus, and we take any instances that threaten this extremely seriously.

If you have been a victim of a hate crime and need more information on how to report it and the support available to you, please see our hate crime support webpage.

I have been a victim of crime and I’m finding it hard to cope, where can I get help?

Crime is often sudden and unexpected, and you may find that it can have an impact on your studies and emotional wellbeing. If this is the case, the University can offer you support. If you visit the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) on Level 3 of the Students’ Union, we can offer you advice, and point you in the direction of further support within Student Services if you feel that you may need it. You can also speak to staff in the Student Advice Centre if you prefer.

If you feel unable to speak to any of these people or services for whatever reason, your personal tutor can also offer you support and help you decide what to do next.

Where can I find advice on fire safety in my student accommodation?

There is advice on how to prevent fire and what you should do in case of a fire on our Student Safety webpages.

Who can I contact if I have been a victim of a crime in Sheffield?

The following contacts can all offer you different types of support if you have been a victim of a crime in Sheffield.

Emergency services (for emergencies only) 999
Crimestoppers (anonymous) 0800 555111
Security Services (emergency) 0114 2224444
Security Services (non-emergency) 0114 2224085
Samaritans 0114 2767277
Nightline 0114 2228787
Victim Support 0114 2788891
Racial Equality Line 0114 2039325

If the information you are looking for is not included in our web pages and you aren't sure who to approach, please come to SSiD and we will try to point you in the right direction.