External Review (OIA)


If recourse to an institution's internal procedures has not resulted in the resolution of a complaint or appeal to a student's satisfaction, (i.e. the internal procedures have been exhausted), the student may be able to apply for a review of their case by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA), provided that the complaint is eligible under its Rules. This is an independent review scheme and forms no part of the University's review or appeal procedures. Any review would normally determine whether or not the University has followed its internal procedures and whether the decision reached was reasonable in all the circumstances; it is not an additional appeal stage.


Once all internal procedures have been exhausted, the University will issue the student with a Completion of Procedures letter. As soon as they are in possession of this letter, the student may submit their complaint to the OIA via a Complaint Form (which must be received by the OIA within 12 months of the date of the Completion of Procedures letter). As part of their considerations as to whether they wish to make a complaint to the OIA they may wish to consider any factors which make it particularly important for them to bring the complaint promptly such as: deadlines for completing the course, the course or module being discontinued, or the remedy they are seeking will be impossible to implement after a certain date.

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The Students' Union can advise a student on this process.

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