Support Enquiry Handling Offer

SSiD provides signposting to appropriate sources of information and support.

SSiD handles thousands of general student support enquiries a year – many on behalf of colleagues elsewhere in the University. When we are unable to fully answer an enquiry we will signpost students to other relevant information sources and services.

How can we help?

  • We can provide gatekeeping for specific support enquiries and requests that you do not want to come to your reception desk e.g. because you have already told the student what they should do.
  • We can answer general support enquiries that we would usually have to refer to your reception desk.
  • We can signpost specific support enquiries to relevant information sources or services as determined by you.
  • We can refer enquiries and requests that you need to be made aware of and want to handle.
  • We can direct enquiries and that otherwise could mistakenly come to you.

Why use us?

  • We will reduce the workload of support enquiry handling at your reception desks.
  • We provide quality service with high levels of student satisfaction (9 out of 10 years top in the world).
  • We have friendly experienced staff specifically trained to answer a wide range of student related support enquiries.
  • We will ensure that only relevant issues are referred to your service.
  • We have a commitment to and experience of coordinating between services to achieve solutions for students.
  • We use consistent and appropriate voice and tone when dealing with students and their supporters.
  • We have a proven track record in the dissemination of information into messages appropriate for student audience.

How You Can Help Us Help You


  • If there are frequently asked support questions you want us to answer let us know the questions and the answers and we will handle the enquiries for you.
  • If you are sending out an email to students related to support issues copy us in and we will reinforce your message.
  • If you are anticipating questions resulting from support communications or events let us know the answers and we will handle the enquiries for you.


  • If there are support enquiries you do not want to be presented at your reception desk let us know what they are and how we should handle them.
  • If you are sending out and email but do not want student to access your service let us know what we need to say to students who present at SSiD and want to be referred to you.


If there are specific information sources we should signpost students to e.g. web pages, telephones numbers let us know what the issues are and where we should signpost them to.


If there are more complex support issues that you need referring to a specialist service like yours let us know what they are, how we should handle them and when to refer to your reception or contact details.


Keep in touch and let us know let us know what services you do and do not provide and how best you want the student to engage with you and your service

If you would like help with support enquiry handling contact us at: