Updates from SSiD 2020/21

August 2020

Update: SSiD Operations during the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Staff are working remotely and can be contacted by email in the usual way
  • We now have two members of staff on campus producing and posting UCards and limited number of documents for graduates
  • Documents for current students will continue to be provided digitally
  • There is now a limited postal service in operation to and from SSiD
  • Students can still contact SSiD using our email service, or use Live Chat with general queries via our webpages
  • Our Online Services page shows a list of the services SSiD is still able to provide, which staff and students can refer to

SSiD Operations during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Just the Facts 2019/20

SSiD supports the University and enhances student experience by handling the most frequently asked questions and requests. Over the last year:

  • The service was used by 30,578 current and former students
  • 70% of enquiries were from current and former international students
  • 66% of enquiries were from current students down from 77% last year
  • 34% of enquiries from graduates of the university
  • 54% of those current and past students were returning customers
  • 52,489 emails were received a 35% increase on five years ago

Just the Facts 2019/20

Student Satisfaction 2019/20

We send out a daily questionnaire to students who have engaged with the service the day before to ask them about their experiences.

Overall satisfaction:

  • Face-to-Face = 98.7%
  • Email = 94%
  • Online chat = 98.4%

Over the last year satisfaction with different aspect of our service was:

Face-to-face Email Online chat
Waiting Time 94.1% 96.0% 96.9%
Welcome 99.0% 96.0% 98.3%
Customer Service 98.8% 91.0% 98.4%
Quality of information given 98.7% 91.0% 98.4%
Knowledge of staff 98.3% 92.0% 98.4%

Daily Survey Statistics

Student satisfaction with enquiry referral

An email questionnaire is sent out each morning to all students who engaged with the service the previous day and were referred to another service.

  • 92.7 % were satisfied with having to be referred
  • 89.4 % were satisfied with the reason we gave for referring their enquiry
  • 92.8 % were happy with the way we handled the enquiry referral
  • 87% were satisfied with the help they received from the service we referred them to

Referral Service Satisfaction

Student Engagement Survey 2020

The finding our survey included:

  • Students want to access services via multiple channels
  • Satisfaction varied with different communication channels
  • Face to face is more likely to delight
  • Web demand is high but experience is poor
  • Dissatisfaction with the online delivery
  • Expectation and Performance Gaps
  • Inconsistency of experience

Student Engagement Survey