One Stop Information Shop

This series of articles and information sheets written about the service over the years to explain the purpose and value of the one-stop-shop at the University of Sheffield.


  1. A History of the Student Services Information Desk
  2. One Stop Information Stop Enablers
  3. Our Student-Centred Information Service Model
  4. The One-Stop-Shop for Student Services
  5. The Award Winning SSiD
  6. SSiD as a Brand

Customer Service

  1. Service Offer to Students
  2. Understanding Student-Customer Expectations
  3. Managing Student Customer Expectations
  4. Delivering Student-Centred Customer Service
  5. Developing Student-Centred Customer Service Staff
  6. Service Encounter Touchpoints
  7. Student Customer Journey Mapping
  8. SSiD and the Undergraduate Student Journey
  9. Developing Our Services Values
  10. Student-Centred Customer Service Standards
  11. Internal Customer Service

Enquiry Handling

  1. General Enquiry Handling Offer
  2. Support Enquiry Handling
  3. Referring Enquiries and Requests
  4. Enquiry Handling Decision Making Model
  5. Enquiry Handling Management
  6. Developing Our Enquiry Recording System
  7. How Our Enquiry Recording System Improves Enquiry Handling

 Service Quality Improvement

  1. Student-Centred Dimensions of Service Quality
  2. Student Satisfaction with SSiD
  3. Driving Service Improvement using Feedback from Students
  4. Understanding Service Quality Gaps
  5. Closing the Student Service Quality Gaps
  6. Our Key Performance Areas
  7. Information Service Core Competencies
  8. Developing our Core Competences
  9. Monitoring Service Delivery
  10. Evaluating Service Delivery

Teamwork and Partnerships