Service Offer to Students

SSiD Service Offer

by Scott Castle
1 November 2015
updated 29 March 2017

The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) is an information service for general student related issues. In collaboration with colleagues, we aim to coordinate central communications to students and answer the majority of face to face student related enquiries.

Convenient Means of Accessing our Service

Walk in Student Centre: Based in the Students' Union building past, present and future students are able to get most answers and documents on a single visit.

Contact Centre: The SSiD Contact Centre supports our interaction with students and their supporter over a variety of media, including telephony, e-mail, social media, internet chat and other online systems

Comprehensive Web Presence
We have developed over 2,000 web pages containing useful and interesting information about many aspects of University life.

General Enquiry Handling Service

  • Quick and Correct Response
  • Information & Guidance: We to provide help on a wide range of student related enquiries.
  • Professional, Friendly, and Knowledgeable staff. Our friendly staff are trained to answer all types of questions whether specific or general. We can also offer guidance if there are decisions to be made once an enquiry has been answered.

Support Enquiry Handling Service

Answering student support enquiries and gatekeeping, signposting and referring support requests.

  • Signposting: Many questions are quickly answered by the enquirer visiting the information sources themselves which signpost to other services and departments within the University.
  • Referrals: There are some questions we may not be able to answer in full but we will refer past, present and future students, as well as staff, to someone who can.

Student Status Confirmation and Verification Service

  • Useful Documents: Each year we produce many documents on request, directly from the Student Record. In the last year we produced 5,000 Bank Letters, 6,000 Council Tax Exemption Certificates, 8,000 Certificates of Student Status, 3,800 UCard replacements and 1,500 Summaries of Results.
  • Important Documents: Some services do take more than a couple of minutes to provide. Sometimes we need to check details or get further information from other departments to complete the request. In the last year these included 7,500 Transcripts of Qualification, 1,000 Visa Letters, 1,300 Tuition Fee Payment summaries and 2,000 Confirmation of Student Attendance Letters.
  • Helping Students With Outside Agencies: We are in daily contact with organisations such as Employment Agencies and Embassies who want to confirm details of individual students. We try to help as speedily as possible but we will not release any details of a student unless we have their permission.

Central Point for Collecting and Returning Forms

  • Collection Point: Students and staff can collect a wide range of forms, letters and leaflets from the SSiD office.
  • Post Box for Our Colleagues: We take receipt of documents for our colleagues in other parts of the University who will then process them.

Printed Information Shop

SSiD is a convenient location for student collecting a wide range of brochures, leaflets, guides and information sheets