Internal News and Events

This page is for Student Support Services staff and provides updates with upcoming events and news, as well as information on the internal newsletter and an archive of past newsletters.

No Scheduled Upcoming Events

Previous events


The e-newsletter Student Support Services Update is delivered to staff within the department every 6 weeks. It is a professional update on topics of interest within SSS, the University and wider sector.

Submission of items

If you have an item you would like to submit for the newsletter, please email with details. Deadlines for items to be submitted can be found below.

  • 25th June - submit by 19th June
  • 6th August - submit by 30th July
  • 17th Sept - submit by 11th Sept
  • 29th Oct - submit by 23rd Oct
  • 10th Dec - submit by 4th Dec

Types of items that will be accepted include

  • University CPD initiatives, e.g. GROW programme
  • One off events, e.g. Sustainability talks
  • Collections, e.g. Green Impact projects
  • Training opportunities, e.g. Supporting the Supporters sessions
  • Services for staff, e.g. University networks