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Academic Support for Dyslexic Students and Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

This workshop will cover the following questions:

1.What are the main SpLDs?

2.What support is available?

3.What are the main challenges that students with SpLDs might experience in HE?

4.What can I do to make my teaching, resources and assessment be as accessible and inclusive as possible?

Discussion of a range of scenarios will lead to the formulation of some effective strategies to support the needs of dyslexic/SpLD students and their tutors.

Format: Workshop

Audience: Academic Tutors and staff involved in assessing student assignments

Length: 2 hours (45-minute mini-workshop also available)

When: Thursday 25th June 2020, 10am-12pm

Also available on request - Sessions can take place in academic or support departments, either as free-standing events or as part of (for example) departmental staff meetings and awaydays.  We also offer online training:


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