Learning and teaching essentials

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These resources provide essential information about learning and teaching at The University of Sheffield.

The six guides each take you through a key aspect of learning and teaching - if you are new to teaching, or new to the University, we recommend working through each of these resources as part of your induction.

They can also provide a useful refresher for existing teaching staff.

You can find additional guidance and resources in the learning and teaching guidance section.

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List of Essential guides:

  • Assessment and Feedback provides guidance on planning, communicating and reflecting on your curriculum.
  • Curriculum design talks through the key principles you will need to consider when designing a module or programme.
  • Teaching practice covers planning, delivering and evaluating teaching sessions.
  • Supporting students’ academic journey looks at empowering students, creating inclusive environments, and sources of support.
  • Digital learning gives an overview of the VLE, electronic assessment, interactive classrooms and digital tools.
  • Inclusivity will help you develop inclusive practice, from academic communities to assessment and feedback.


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