Moving out of university accommodation? Update your bank details for your deposit refund

Opal 2If you have living in university accommodation for the academic year 2014-15 and are due to move out over the summer, you could be entitled to the return of some or all of your deposit. 

To ensure you receive your accommodation deposit as quickly as possible, you need to supply us with your UK bank account details.

To do this, log into MUSE by Sunday 12 July 2015 and follow the instructions. There may be a delay in getting your funds back to you if you don’t.

To provide the University with your bank account details:

  • Log into MUSE
  • Click on My Services
  • Click on View All Services
  • Click on Bank Details
  • Under the heading “Accommodation damage deposit refund” – click on the link to enter bank details
  • Enter your current UK bank account details

This is a secure system - NEVER send your bank account details via email

If you do not have a UK bank account, contact the Student Customer Team on 0114 222 4868 or email