Congratulations to the winner of the Chancellor’s Medal 2019

The winner of the Chancellor’s Medal 2019 is Ellen Mae Watson, studying History and Politics with Employment Experience.

This is being awarded to Ellen in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements; being the top-ranked student in her cohort on several occasions. She has demonstrated passion and understanding for both history and politics.

Ellen’s submission for an assessed piece of work related to the Transport Select Committee’s Active Transport Inquiry was awarded 83% and has gone on to be published by the Transport Select Committee as written evidence.

Ellen has maximised opportunities to enhance her employability. This includes a twelve-month placement in Parliament working for the Work and Pensions Committee. Being described as an ‘absolute delight’ who delivered work of an exceptionally high standard, it is clear that Ellen consistently goes above and beyond.

She also partook in a civil service internship with OFSTED. Should she choose to pursue it, Ellen is poised for a great career as a select committee clerk upon graduation.

Any student can find the transition to university challenging, but for Ellen this was made more difficult as she has Usher’s syndrome, a condition characterised by partial or total hearing loss and vision loss that worsens over time. Despite this, Ellen has thrived. She is committed to being an advocate for disability awareness and for young people with disabilities. Ellen’s achievements in this field have been recognised by the award ‘Young Deafblind Person of the Year’ by the Charity Sense. She has worked to promote disability awareness within the University of Sheffield, and partook in a standalone Radio 4 programme about managing a dual disability.

It is clear that Ellen is truly deserving of this award.