Keep your property safe with Crime Prevention Week 2014 

Sheffield StreetThe University’s Security Services have once again joined forces with the Students’ Union and South Yorkshire Police to spread important safety messages and useful advice during Crime Prevention Week 2014.

Even though crime levels are now 49 per cent less than they were in 2009-2010 (with just 159 incidents reported in the academic year 2013-14), we want to make sure that this number keeps on dropping. Crime Prevention Week gives you the opportunity to learn how best to prevent yourself and your homes from being targeted by opportunist thieves.

Throughout the course of the week, you’ll have the chance to speak to a number of professionals from a variety of services, including South Yorkshire Police, the Security Team and local charities who can all help to support students protect themselves from crime and its affects. A host of interactive stands will be set up in the Students’ Union where you’ll be able to meet experts and ask any questions you might have.

Stalls will be running from 11.30am-2pm every day. On certain days there will also be the chance to meet additional services. Representatives from the Fire Service will be visiting on Monday 10 and Wednesday 12 November, whilst Victim Support and Paul Bloomfield M.P. will be attending on Thursday 13 November.
We’ll also be giving away 1000 free property marking kits, which you can use to mark valuable property with personal details such as student number and University name. Marked property is easy to identify if it is stolen and therefore less attractive to thieves.

As well as the activities on the central campus, police and security staff will be answering questions and providing property marking services at the Edge (Endcliffe Village) on Tuesday 11th November between 6pm and 8pm and at The Ridge (Ranmoor Village) on Wednesday 13th November between 6pm and 8pm. For those of you who live in private accommodation, we’ll also be working with police officers and student volunteers to visit properties that have statistically been at risk of burglary and offering crime reduction advice.

Miriam Miller, Students’ Union Women’s Officer, said: “One of the simplest things students can do to help reduce crime is to simply look out for one another.

“Let your neighbours know if you see their doors or windows have been left open, make sure your friends get home safely after a night out by using our women’s minibus or safe taxi schemes, and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

“We want to make sure all students know that crime is never the fault of the victim. We will support anyone who has been a victim of crime and offer information on a variety of services including personal counselling or financial advice.

PC Tom Goodhill, the new University Liaison Officer from South Yorkshire Police, said: “Thieves and burglars like ‘easy’ targets. Simple things like closing your windows and locking your doors is a good start.

“If you are living in a student house, make sure the last person in locks the door overnight – whether you make a rota on your smartphones or just write a post-it note on the fridge door, things like this make a huge difference.

“Property marking and Smartwater kits are an excellent way of protecting your property and ensuring it can not only be returned, but that those who have taken it from you are held to account for their actions.

“It is always better for an individual not to be a victim of crime in the first instance, than to be pleased that the Police have solved the crime they have been subject to. If you like it, lock it and keep it.”