Accessing your results: everything you need to know

If you took exams in January 2015, your results will be published via MUSE on 9 March 2015. To access your results, sign in to MUSE and click on myResults in the Online Results box (top right). You will need your University username and password.

Your online results statement will also provide you with important information about what to do next, such as what to do if you need to re-sit, or how to register for graduation if you're a final year student. If you're a first year student, you'll be able to access your Achieve More results at the same time.*

If you are an Erasmus or Study Abroad student, you can find key information about the publication of your results on the exams webpages. If you have an issue with your results and would like to make an appeal, you can find all the information you need on the Academic Appeals webpage. The Student Advice Centre ( can also advise on the grounds for submitting an appeal.

As well as being able to access your exam results on 9 March, you will also be able access an updated version of your Internal HEAR (accessible on MUSE via My services -> View all services -> HEAR). All students who commenced their studies in September 2012 or after have a HEAR, which records your extra-curricular achievements and experiences at University as well as your academic results.

You can use your HEAR (in conjunction with the Feedback Portal) to review your progress and to plan what you still want to achieve during the rest of your time at Sheffield. Please note that you must access your latest exam results via myResults before viewing your HEAR. If you don't, you will miss important announcements about your next steps.

Even though your Internal HEAR will be accessible at the same time as your exam results, your Official HEAR (the version of your HEAR that you can share with people outside the University, e.g. prospective employers) will not be available until the end of March. The reason for this is that is issued as a PDF and therefore we need to make sure that there no updates to be made to your student record before we make it available to you.

You can access this official PDF snapshot of your HEAR so far via our secure online ShARe system. Please note that when your HEAR is updated in ShARe, it will replace any previous versions. If you have shared your previous HEAR with others, you will need to re-share the new version. For more information about ShARe, visit the SSiD website.

For more information about how to access your HEAR, visit the HEAR website. If you have any questions about your HEAR, please contact If you have any questions about the ShARe service, please contact

*If you're a student in either the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health or the Faculty of Engineering, you will receive your Achieve More results in the Spring Semester when your second semester exam results are published.