Sheffield on a Plate: Students, Sustainability, Success!

Sheffield On A Plate LogoBy Tin Wai Ip, fourth year Dentistry student

Even if you have been living under a rock, you should have heard that Sheffield on a Plate is trying to save it!

Sheffield on a Plate (SOAP) is a project that involves the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, other major education establishments in Sheffield and local community groups. It focuses on raising sustainability awareness through encouraging the use of home-grown, local, and Fairtrade produce, minimising food waste, and donating to local food banks. The project reaches over 83,000 students and even more people in the community.

SOAP has been in progress for the past two years with tremendous success. Both City Collage and Hillsborough Collage have a thriving growing site for affordable food to sell to students, staff and catering departments.

A few of the big events that have happened this year include ‘The Big Stew’, ‘MasterChef Sheffield’, Local Veg Market at the Union, composting at the student accommodations and ‘Save our Sandwiches’.

As a student, free food is always a plus and being good for our environment is an immense bonus. There has been a large positive impact to the lives of students who have participated in the events. Many have made pledges to adopt lasting sustainable food habits.The project aims to bring staff, student, and city together in solidarity for our environment.

SOAP is looking forward to continuing with the best bits from this year, using feedback from you and funding bids for individual projects made to funders like the Big Lottery. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

For more information, visit Sheffield on a Plate’s website or show up to an event.